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Earn and Redeem CME Gift Cards with CME Audio

At CME Audio, we’re thrilled to introduce our innovative CME gift card program, designed to make your continuing education journey not only rewarding but also convenient. With our program, you can earn gift cards and rewards while fulfilling your CME requirements, offering you a unique way to enhance your professional development.

What Are CME Gift Cards and How Do They Work?

CME gift cards are vouchers or gift certificates that you can earn by participating in our CME courses and referral program. When you choose eligible CME packages from us, you have the opportunity to select gift card incentives ranging from $500 to $2000, redeemable at popular retailers like Amazon, Apple, American Express, Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, and Disney.

These gift cards will be conveniently delivered to your inbox via email within 2-4 days of completing your CME purchase. If you have a specific incentive amount in mind or unique preferences, we also offer custom CME gift card packages. Simply reach out to us at [email protected], or call us at 800-263-6840, and we’ll tailor a program to maximize your rewards.

The Benefits of Earning CME Gift Cards:

  • Reward yourself while fulfilling CME requirements.
  • Offset the cost of CME courses with enticing gift card incentives.
  • Enjoy a straightforward online redemption process for electronic rewards.
  • Customize your preferred gift card vendors and amounts.
  • Take advantage of our referral program to earn even more gift cards.

How to Obtain CME Gift Cards:

Getting started on your journey to earning CME gift cards is easy. Here’s how:

  • Browse our selection of CME courses and create your customized package, ensuring you add gift cards during checkout.
  • Complete your CME coursework and quizzes.
  • Within 2-4 days, receive your gift cards via email. Select the claim code and follow the simple redemption instructions.
  • Refer new customers to earn bonus $100 Amazon gift cards through our referral program. Refer to the terms below.
  • Redeem your gift cards at your chosen retailers, whether online or in-store.

And the best part? You can repeat this process to earn CME gift cards with each subsequent order from us.

CME Referral Program for Gift Cards

Referrals must be new customers who have not previously purchased.
Self-referrals do not qualify.
Referred customers must complete a gift card CME purchase.
Only one referrer will be rewarded per customer.
The program is subject to change, and manipulation of the program is prohibited.

Start Earning CME Gift Cards Today!

Are you ready to reap rewards while fulfilling your CME requirements? Our gift card program is designed to make it easy and convenient.

To begin, explore our CME courses and select your preferred gift card incentives during checkout. Complete your CME requirements, receive your gift cards via email, and redeem them at top retailers.

Additionally, you can refer your colleagues to take CME courses with gift cards and earn Amazon rewards for each successful referral.

Don’t miss out on this innovative opportunity to offset your CME costs and treat yourself to rewards. We handle the gift card delivery so you can focus on your continuing education.

Contact CME Audio today at [email protected] or call ‪(800) 263-6840 to create your custom CME gift card package and start earning rewards for your learning journey.

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