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Demystifying Emergency Medicine 4th Edition Recorded Live


Demystifying Emergency Medicine

Elevate your expertise in emergency settings with our comprehensive CME program, “Demystifying Emergency Medicine.” This course is designed for healthcare professionals who are eager to enhance their confidence and competence in emergency care and is approved for over 19 hours of AAPA Category 1 CME Credits.

Course Highlights:

  • Critical Case Reviews: Focus on common yet vital emergency scenarios including chest pain, shortness of breath, and abdominal pain. Gain the skills to make informed decisions about patient admissions and treatments in urgent situations.
  • Practical Learning Tools: Benefit from clinically transformative mnemonics such as “Who’s Your PAPPA” for chest pain and “Don’t make a HORRID mistake” for shortness of breath, which are designed to enhance recall and application in fast-paced medical environments.
  • Skill Enhancement: Deepen your understanding of how to effectively interpret laboratory and radiographic data. The course covers crucial areas like clinical laboratory medicine, pulmonary medicine, CXR interpretation, and 12-lead EKG.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Master quick, accurate assessments in emergency medicine.
  • Learn how to document medical decisions with sound judgment to avoid negligence.
  • Improve your diagnostic capabilities with memorable information and techniques that enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in the ER.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Expert Instruction: Delivered by seasoned professionals, this course ensures you receive high-quality, reliable, and up-to-date information that’s vital for emergency medicine practitioners.
  • Integrated Learning: Combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications, this course prepares you for real-world medical challenges in emergency settings.

Certification and Credits:

  • Completing this program not only advances your clinical skills but also provides valuable AAPA Category 1 CME credits to help fulfill your professional development requirements.


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